Plum Engineering, Inc.

We provide:

              HVAC  and Plumbing construction documents

              Title-24 calculations and documentation using EnergyPro

Energy analysis and Life Cycle Cost analysis

                Experience in commercial, institutional, and residential


                Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, BS Engineering 1998


                5 years design work on plan spec projects

                8 years design-build construction projects


                Listen to technical and economic client needs

                Spend time to determine true requirements

                Thoroughly investigate existing conditions

Experience and understanding of codes results in fewer plan check comments and less time in the permitting process.

Experience and understanding of HVAC and plumbing systems results in cost effective applications of appropriate technologies to meet client expectations.

Education on emerging standards and technologies results in the best application of available solutions.

LEED experience from the perspective of the designer as well as the contractor.

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